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What to see and do in Visby?

Ringmuren - The ring wall

The ring wall on Gotland, also known as the Ringmuren, is a historical feature located on the Swedish island of Gotland. Here's some information about it:

1. Purpose: The ring wall was built as a defensive structure during the Middle Ages to protect the inhabitants of the island from potential invasions.

2. Construction: The wall was constructed between the 13th and 14th centuries and encircles the town of Visby, the capital of Gotland. It was built using large limestone blocks and stretches for about 3.6 kilometers.

3. Height and structure: The ring wall is around 11 meters high in most parts and has 44 towers and 11 gates. The towers were used for defense purposes and allowed guards to patrol the wall.

4. UNESCO World Heritage Site: The ring wall, along with the historic town of Visby, is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995. It is recognized for its well-preserved medieval walls and structures.

5. Today: The ring wall is a prominent tourist attraction and offers a great opportunity for visitors to explore medieval architecture and history. It provides picturesque views of the town and the Baltic Sea.

6. Events: The ring wall is also associated with the annual Medieval Week in Visby, where the town comes alive with medieval reenactments, markets, and festivities, attracting tourists from all over.

The ring wall on Gotland remains an important historical landmark, showcasing the island's rich heritage and serving as a testament to the medieval times.

Gotlands Försvarsmuseum

Visit Sweden's only museum with exhibits for the Navy, Aviation and Army. Here there are exhibitions showing the history of defense from ancient times to the present. See artillery pieces, armored vehicles, anti-aircraft systems, fixed and mobile coastal artillery pieces, military hospital, fighter jets and helicopters. The museum consists of two parts, Army and Air Force & Navy.

Gotlands Museum Fornsalen

There is a lot to do in the ancient hall; join a city walk through the city's alleys, listen to informative lectures, or book a venue right in the heart of Visby's inner city.

Gotlands Museum makes it possible for both Gotlanders but also visitors from all over the world to take part in Gotland's history, art and cultural and natural heritage. Gotlands Museum consists of the ancient hall, Gotland Art Museum, Visby ruins and the three museum farms Norrbys, Kattlunds and Petes.

äta i visby

Eat & drink

Restaurants, bars, cafes in Visby

Visby Crêperie & Logi

Visit Visby Crêperie & Logi, which is located in the iron house in the middle of charming Visby city center. During summer, there is also outdoor seating at the restaurant for those who want to sit outside and enjoy the sun. Here you are offered to eat fantastic galettes or crêpes. Take the opportunity to cool off with a glass of ice-cold French cider while you're there.

Restaurang Baksidan Visby

Restaurant Baksidan keeps full focus on Gotland ingredients as much as possible. The menu contains vegan and vegetarian dishes combined with fish & meat dishes. The house in which the restaurant is located is from the 18th century and has a long history of restaurants and cafes. Before Baksidan, Skafferiet, Tuppen and Coq&Vin were run in-house.

hotell i visby


There are plenty of hotels and hostels in Visby. Here are our favorites.

Hotell Helgeand Wisby

Centrally located in Visby is this personal and family-run hotel. There is a calm atmosphere over the hotel, even though it is a stone's throw from Stora Torget. The medieval buildings date as far back as the 13th century and each room in the hotel is unique. In the summer, breakfast is enjoyed in the garden, but during the rest of the year guests prefer to eat in front of the fire in the lounge.

Clarion Hotel Wisby

Clarion Hotel Wisby is conveniently located in the old part of Visby, just a short walk from the marina. Here there are modern elements, carefully mixed with historical details, including a medieval alley and pillars from the 13th century that have been carefully restored and preserved.

Holiday Bed & Breakfast

Holiday Bed & Breakfast is located at Klockgränd 3 in Visby inner city, a very quiet side street but close to famous shopping streets.

The homely and inviting rooms in the main building are divided over two floors, and in a separate building in the courtyard there are some additional rooms for rent. At Holiday, breakfast, bed linen, Wifi and towels are included. For an extra homely feeling, the beds are made before the guest gets there and final cleaning is included.