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See and do in Rättvik

See & do

Rättviks Naturmuseum

In Rättvik's Nature Museum you follow the development of Siljansbygden and Rättvik from the birth of the earth until today. The museum shows their rich animal and plant life and their unique geology. They also present many of the municipality's natural areas and give you the guidance you need for excursions there.

Östbjörka Naturreservat

If you want to see lush spruce forest rich in flowering herbs, thin pine forest with different flora and cultural remains in the form of lime kilns, you have come to the right place.

Östbjörka limestone is built on reef limestone that has been formed by coral animals in the sea that covered the Siljan area approximately 350 million years ago.

There are plenty of plants that thrive in the limestone environment, such as teabast, common pigeon, violet, spring pea, green hill and dwarf witch hazel. In the pine-lime forest that grows to the east of the gorge, you can find the bridespur orchid and the small fern the lock fern. Within the reserve there are lots of ruins of old lime kilns, the art of burning lime reached Sweden in the Middle Ages and the lime was then used as fertilizer and leather preparation but also in mortar.

eat and drink in Rättvik

Eat & drink

Diner 45

Diner 45 is the unique restaurant that brings the feelings back to the 50s. The decor, menu and music are tastefully put together to fit in with the 50s and the restaurant is a good and fun experience for the whole family. Food prepared from scratch with the best ingredients is always served. Everything is American-influenced and made with love, and a little chili. 

Bistro Apan

Bistro Apan - here you can order intermediate dishes with everything from hot slow cooker to Skagentoast, and enjoy luxurious drinks, local craft beers and a selection of the best wines from Portugal.

Then end the evening in the classy bar with pinball, some round table tennis and a Spritz or cozy up with a cognac & espresso in front of the stove. 

hotels in Rattvik


Dala Wärdshus

Stay in the charming log cabins with grass roofs at Dala Wärdshus. At Dala there are 37 different rooms, all with their own entrance, shower and toilet. Dala Wärdshus is a popular place for travelers who are on their way to northern Dalarna, Falun or Borlänge. The Wärdshuset welcomes guests to bring their four-legged friend on their trip and gives you the opportunity to find good resting places in the area. If you want extra relaxation, you have access to a sauna and to bathe in a wood-burning hot tub, just ask the staff to heat it up.

Hotell Rättvik

Right next to Rättvik station and the well-known long bridge that goes out to Siljan, you will find Hotell Rättvik. The hotel has 28 rooms to choose from; single, double, double superior, family room and suite. All rooms have Hilding beds which make you as a guest sleep incredibly well, some rooms also have an incredible view of Siljan. The hotel has a 50s Diner where you are served food and an American-style breakfast buffet.