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Se och göra i Filip Stad. Fotograf:  Klara Thorell

Fotograf: Klara Thorell

See  do

Here we list what you can see and do in Filipstad

Långbans mining village

Welcome to one of the world's most mineral-rich places. 1.8 billion years ago these minerals were formed, but it would take until the 16th century before iron ore began to be mined. In the early 1970s, however, mining quieted down for good. However, the mining village is still alive today with its buildings, mineral collections, exhibitions, beautiful nature, exciting stories and memories that have their origins in the beginning of time..

Hornkullens silver mine

According to legend, silver ore was mined in Hornkullen even before the Death of Diger, i.e. around 1350. The mining area is a unique monument to Swedish mining. There are several different mine holes in Hornkullen, but it is the Dunderkammaren that is bilge-pumped and possible to go down into. With a little imagination, you can hear the hammers hitting and the shafts creaking. Perhaps you can imagine the smell and smoke from the cooking fires.

Lesjöfors museum

A working life museum beyond the ordinary. The museum provides a rich description of the work and living conditions of a few generations, and an understanding of the change society underwent during the latter part of the 20th century.

OLW Snacksbutiken

Since 1967, OLW has been producing snacks in the heart of Värmland and now their long-awaited snack shop is finally in Filipstad - a real oasis of snacks. In addition to selling OLW's products and unique souvenirs, visitors will be able to learn about everything from the history of cheez doodles® to how chips are produced in OLW's factory.

Wasa Knäckebröd Butik & Museum

Barilla/Wasabröd has been in Filipstads since 1931. Next to the factory there is a museum and a shop with factory sales of Wasabröd and Barilla products.


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restauranger i Filipstad. Foto: Klara Thorell

Foto: Klara Thorell

Eat & Drink

Restaurants, cafes and pubs in Filipstad

Big Hill Lodge

A family-owned restaurant, bar and café, located at the top of beautiful Storhöjden. With a warm atmosphere and miles-wide views, a tasty menu is served with inspiration drawn from the forest's rich pantry.

Hennickehammars Herrgård

Breakfast, lunch and dinner where seasonal and daily fresh ingredients of the best quality are the focus. Exciting and interesting flavor combinations are complemented by selected drinks.

Hertig Karl Bistro

Tasty dinners and lunches. The menu includes everything from a three-course dinner to simple snacks.


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hotell i Filipstad. Foto: Qvistform

Foto: Qvistform


Hotels and campsites in Filipstad

Hotell Hertig Karl

Hotel in the middle of Filipstad with a personal environment, homely atmosphere and good hospitality.

Hennickehammars Herrgård

Idyllic manor environment with spa and experiences.

Saxå bruk

Historic and cozy accommodation in Saxå manor, next door to Saxå golf club.

Gammelkroppa skogsskola & konferens

In the middle of the Värmland forest by Lake Yngen is Gammelkroppa forest school with associated hotel rooms.

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