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Umeå - also called the city of birches, when lots of birches were planted after the great city fire in 1888. Sweden's 13th largest city with 92,000 inhabitants. You can get here easily by car, train and plane.

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Umeå is a city located in northern Sweden. It is the largest city in the region of Västerbotten and is known for its rich cultural and natural heritage. Here are some helpful facts about Umeå:

1. Cultural Hub: Umeå is renowned for its vibrant cultural scene. It was designated the European Capital of Culture in 2014, showcasing its commitment to arts, music, theater, and literature.

2. University Town: Umeå is home to Umeå University, which is one of Sweden's top-ranking universities. The presence of the university brings a youthful atmosphere to the city and contributes to its diverse population.

3. Beautiful Nature: The city is situated by the Ume River and surrounded by forests and lakes, offering plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and skiing. The nearby coastline also provides opportunities for boating and swimming in the summer months.

4. Sami Culture: The indigenous Sami people have a strong presence in Umeå and the surrounding areas. Visitors have the chance to learn about Sami traditions, craftsmanship, and enjoy Sami-inspired cuisine.

5. Architecture: Umeå is a city that harmoniously blends modern architecture with historical buildings. The Umeå University campus, including the characteristic Väven cultural center, is especially notable for its contemporary design.

6. Festivals and Events: Umeå hosts various festivals and events throughout the year, attracting both locals and tourists. Some popular events include the Umeå Jazz Festival, the Midnight Sun Film Festival, and Umeå Open, a music festival promoting emerging artists.

7. Sustainable City: Umeå has a strong focus on sustainable development and has been working towards becoming a carbon-neutral city. Efforts are being made to reduce emissions, implement eco-friendly transportation, and promote energy-efficient buildings.


Västerbottens museum

Västerbotten's museum tells about the history and present of Västerbotten County.

Free admission

Guitars - the museum

One of the world's finest private collections of guitars.

Price: Adults: 150 sek

Students: 100 sek

Pensioners/Seniors: 100 sek

Children/Kids: Gratis/Free of charge


Navet is an experience pool that offers you as a guest a wide range of exercise, swimming and relaxation. At Navet there is a stream channel, water slides and a climbing wall. You will find the bath in the center of Umeå.

Prices are on the website.

Fika Umeå

Eat & drink


Nya Konditoriet

Super cozy patisserie, go up one floor to get to the cafe part.


Gotthards krog

Stands for a modern gastronomy where local ingredients and innovative processing are the focus. Cozy premises and friendly staff.


With main courses that vary according to the season and Swedish tender meat that has been grilled in a charcoal oven, you as a guest can eat first-class food that is prepared from the best of the moment. The kitchen bar is a popular pub for everyone who likes to eat good food and socialize. For larger groups, the Köksbaren has a separate part that you can book for yourself, which can accommodate up to 40 people.

If you want an extraordinary gastronomy and wine experience, you should book their chambre separée, a cozy wine room that can not only be used for gastronomy and wine experiences, but also for couples and/or business acquaintances who want to enjoy their dinner a little more secluded.

hotel in stockholm


There are many nice and cozy hotels in Umeå. These are our favorites

Stora hotellet

Stora Hotellet offers 82 unique guest rooms ranging from spacious suites to compact sailor's cabins, restaurant and bar as well as library and meeting rooms.

Gamla Fängelset

If you want to spend the night in a unique environment, you should stay at Umeå's old, carefully renovated prison from 1861. In the building, there are one- and two-bed cells, double and four-bed rooms to choose from. With a walk of 5 minutes you are in the center. In addition to the hotel, there is also a museum so you can learn about the history of the prison while you are there.

The hotel offers breakfast, free Wi-Fi, parking, conference room, family room, shared kitchen, museum, TV room and some parts of the hotel are accessible.

Af Klara Logi & konferens

A 5-minute drive from the center and you'll arrive at Af Klara Accommodation & Conference. Af Klara is located in a beautiful, rural renovated building from the 19th century, which is tastefully decorated with airy, light surfaces. As a guest at the hotel, you exclusively dispose of the entire accommodation for yourself, in total the accommodation has 6 bedrooms with 9 beds in total. The room is also available for the smaller conference party.