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Top ten places you must visit in Sweden

in the summer of 2023

Ales stenar. Fotograf: Edwin Philip

Fotograf: Edwin Philip

Ales stenar 

Ales stones are located on the hill above Kåseberga east of Ystad. It is one of Sweden's most mythical sights - is it a grave monument or an ancient astronomical calendar? The stones are placed so that the sun sets at the northwest corner in summer and rises at the opposite corner in winter.

The 59 stones form the shape of a ship and the entire ship set is 67 meters long and 19 meters wide. The stones were probably erected sometime around 500–1,000 AD. during the Iron Age.

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Varberg kallbadhus

Varberg kallbadhus

One of the west coast's gems. Here you can enjoy an energizing & cooling dip in the sea all year round, and then relax in a warm and pleasant sauna with a view of the Kattegat. If you don't want to swim, it's just as nice to just have a coffee and enjoy the architecture.

The tradition of cold and hot baths goes back a long way.

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Sala silvergruva

Fotograf: Torbjörn Gylleus, @gylleus_photography

Sala Silvergruva

For at least 500 years, minerals were mined in the Sala Silver Mine. The majority of these centuries were spent extracting silver for the Crown's coins, but zinc, lead and dolomite were also mined.

Mining began as early as the late 15th century and during the Vasa era, i.e. the first half of the 16th century, the mine had its heyday with enormous amounts of silver extracted, it could be up to 4 tons of silver per year during certain periods.

In 1908, the limited company Sala Zink went bankrupt, which resulted in the cessation of mining operations, the miners losing their jobs, and after more than 400 years, the era was over.

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Gammelstad Kyrkby luleå

Gammelstad Kyrkby

Gammelstads Kyrkstad is a world heritage site and is one of the best preserved church towns in Sweden. From having been a church and trading place, it developed into a larger city and Luleå was founded. The church town consists of 405 church cottages, the old stone church, the old road network and older buildings. Since 1992, Gammelstad has been on UNESCO's list of world heritage sites. Nederluleå Church has stood in the same place since 1492, which makes it Sweden's largest stone church from the late Middle Ages.

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Birka. Photo: Birkamuseet


Birka is usually called Sweden's first city, as it is a city that the Vikings lived in. The Viking city of Birka is located on the island of Björkö in Mälaren, which was actually the Vikings' most important trading post.

You can go to Birka to go for a stroll in the cultural landscape, join a guided tour in the ancient remains area, visit the Viking museum and the reconstructed Viking village with period weaving huts and forges.

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Höga kusten

Höga kusten

The high coast is an area along the coast of Ångermanland that has been characterized by the effects that land elevation and the ice sheet have created in the form of a varied and hilly landscape.

The high coast lies between Örnsköldsvik and Härnösand and has been shaped by how the country rose up after the ice age. The area is designated as a natural world heritage site by UNESCO.

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kalmar slott

Kalmar Slott

The castle's history stretches back 800 years. For a long time, Kalmar Castle was a very important defense facility, and was called the key of the kingdom due to its strategic location. Ever since then, several kings have ruled the castle and many of them have left their own mark on the castle.

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visby ringmur

Visby Ringmur

It is not known exactly why the ring wall was built, what is known is that it was probably for several reasons. In the 9th century and even earlier, Gotland had a very significant trade, which made Visby a city of wealth. The citizens of the city were aware that the wealth could attract pirates and warlords to raid the city, which is probably why the ring wall was built.

The ring wall is 3.44 km long and has two different parts, the sea wall and the land wall. The sea wall was built around 1250-1260 and the land wall was built around 1270-1288. The two parts also have different heights, the Seawall is approximately 5.5 meters high while the Landwall is approximately 10-11 meters high..

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Lunds domkyrka Photo: Juliana de Filippis

Photo: Juliana de Filippis

Lunds domkyrka

Lund's cathedral is actually Sweden's most visited church. The cathedral is 900 years old and offers visitors a unique journey through time and space.

Check out the fantastic, 600-year-old astronomical clock or greet the giant Finn in the church crypt. The church is open every day and constantly has guided tours.

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Njupeskärs vattenfall

Njupeskärs vattenfall

Njupeskär's waterfall is 93 meters high and is therefore one of Sweden's highest. The water falls completely freely for 70 meters and in the rapid mist right next to the fall there are lots of vascular plants, lichens and unusual mosses; and several of them need constant and a lot of moisture to survive.

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