Sweden in the summer is a magical place!

Sweden in the summer is a magical place! Here are some things you should definitely do:

Embrace the Outdoors:

 The Midnight Sun: It's one of the most magical things about Sweden in the summer.  The Midnight Sun is a phenomenon that happens in the Arctic regions during the summer solstice (around June 21st). The sun stays above the horizon for 24 hours, creating a long, bright day. Where to see it in Sweden? The further north you go in Sweden, the longer the period of Midnight Sun. The best places to see it are in the northernmost counties of: Lapland (Kiruna, Abisko, and the northernmost parts of the country)

Go Hiking: Sweden has stunning natural landscapes, from rolling hills and forests to majestic mountains. Hike through national parks like Kosterhavet, Abisko, or Sarek National Park for breathtaking views. 

Take a Dip in a Lake: Sweden has over 100,000 lakes! Enjoy swimming, kayaking, or just relaxing on the shore. Many lakes have designated swimming areas and even saunas

Go Camping: Camping is a popular way to experience the Swedish wilderness. Many campsites offer facilities like toilets, showers, and cooking areas.

Bike the Countryside: Sweden is a great place for cycling. Rent a bike and explore scenic routes, quaint towns, and charming villages.

Visit the Archipelago: The Swedish archipelago is a collection of thousands of islands, many with charming villages, sandy beaches, and picturesque harbors. Take a ferry or boat tour to explore this beautiful region.

Experience Swedish Culture:

Attend a Midsummer Festival: Midsummer is a magical time in Sweden. Join in the festivities with dancing, singing, and traditional foods like herring, potatoes, and strawberries.

Enjoy the Food: Indulge in Swedish cuisine, known for its fresh ingredients, simple flavors, and emphasis on seafood. Try classic dishes like Swedish meatballs, salmon with dill sauce, and lingonberry pancakes.

Visit Museums and Cultural Sites:

Explore the rich history and culture of Sweden through its museums, castles, and historic towns.

Learn Some Swedish:  While English is widely spoken, learning a few basic Swedish phrases will make your trip even more enjoyable.

Tips for Your Trip:

Book accommodations in advance:Especially if traveling during peak season (July and August).

Pack for all types of weather: Swedish summers can be unpredictable with sun, rain, and even chilly evenings.  Bring a mosquito repellent: Mosquitoes can be bothersome in the summer months.

Embrace the pace of life: Sweden is known for its relaxed lifestyle. Take your time, enjoy the scenery, and savor the moment.

Have a wonderful time in Sweden!


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