Explore Sweden

Sweden is known for its strong companies, here are some - big and small.

Sweden is an innovative and export-strong country with brands such as IKEA, VOLVO, H&M, Spotify, Skype.

Clothes for the world

Hennes & Mauritz was founded by Erling Persson, who opened the first store in Västerås in 1947. It was then called Hennes and sold only women's clothing. In 1968, Erling Persson bought the company Mauritz Widforss Handels AB, which sold hunting equipment and men's clothing. The company then changed its name to Hennes & Mauritz and sold both men's and women's clothing.


Music for everyone

Spotify is a Swedish multinational company that since October 7, 2008 provides a service for listening to streamed music and podcast radio programs over the Internet.

The furniture company that took over the world

IKEA is a multinational furniture company, which was founded in Sweden in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad when he was seventeen years old. From the beginning, seeds, Christmas cards, photo frames, watches, fountain pens, jewelry, nylon stockings, wallets, ballpoint pens and other things that Kamprad came across were sold. Furniture began to be sold by mail order in 1948 and from 1955 self-designed furniture began to be sold.