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se och göra i Norrköping

See & do

What to see and do in Norrköping? Here are our tips.


Visit the cactus plantation in Carl Johans park and see all 25,000 cacti in a specific motif of a current event. The motifs change every year and the cacti are planted out in May and then inaugurated in June. Planting 25,000 cacti in Carl Johan's park has been a tradition since 1926.

Kvarteret Knäppingsborg

In the Knäpingsborg quarter, which is usually called the heart of Norrköping, there is something to suit everyone, small unique shops, delicatessens, restaurants and cafes. Knäpingsborg consists of three different squares that all have their own unique character and identity. The old and beautiful buildings that used to be snus and mill factories today contain all of the above but also apartments and office premises. For those who are interested in culture, Knäpingsborg offers everything from troubadour evenings, summer theatre, exhibitions and world-class Norrköping nostalgia.

Visualiseringscenter C

Another cool place to discover in the industrial landscape of Norrköping is Visualiseringscenter C, which is a digital science center with interactive exhibits and a dome-shaped cinema that shows films in 360 degrees, also called a "dom". Visiting Visualization Center C and looking at the exhibitions is completely free, but if you want to watch a film in the "domen" you have to book a place, and there are films for all different ages to choose from.

Arbetets Museum

Visit the Arbetets Museum, which is located in the middle of Norrköping's industrial landscape, in a very special and yellow building called the Iron Iron. This museum offers you many interactive elements that revolve around culture and work in industrial society. There is something for everyone here, every day both young and old children can participate in the Museum Decks, which is a journey of discovery where the children can help the museum's mascot Ant find their lost pictures with the help of clues, on weekends and holidays there are extra activities for children in their creative workshop on the 5th floor, and they also organize debate and cultural evenings, seminars and conferences.

Äta i ystad

Eat & drink

Tips on restaurants, bars, cafes in Norrköping

Kvarterskrogen Asken

The neighborhood pub Asken in Knäpingsborg is so much more than a pub, they invest in a perfect symbiosis between drink, food, enjoyment and service. Everyone should feel welcome here. The pub is in constant movement and development with a menu that is changed according to season and with different events that change each other during the 4 different seasons.

Lindahls bageri

Lindahl's bakery has 5 different stores around Norrköping, in Bagarboden, Mirum Galleria, Spiralen, Ingelsta Shopping, Viberga Finspång and Vrinnevisjukhuset. They bake everything they sell in their own bakery in Norrköping and have done so since 1939. Here they serve everything from Budapest pastries to salads to cakes.

Burgers and Bangers

Here, the focus is on milkshakes, burgers and sausages. They make the ice cream for their milkshakes entirely themselves and can therefore control the mass of the ice cream so that it is perfect. The sausages are made according to their own recipe and are completely additive-free. The sausage has the maximum amount of meat, which gives extremely tasty sausages. According to them themselves, the sausages go best with bread together with a beer. The meat they use for their burgers is ground with a special technique that makes the meat juicy and airy, the meat primarily comes from farms in Östergötland. They believe that the bread is at least as important as the meat in a hamburger and have therefore produced what they think is good hamburger bread and bake it themselves.

Halvars Glass

Are you craving ice cream? Then visit the old ice cream café Halvars Glass, which serves an exciting ice cream menu with the world's best ice cream and flavored soft ice cream. During the warm summer months, Halvars is open every day, but only if it's sunny outside, which is why it is also called the Sunshine Bar. If you're craving raspberry ice cream, licorice ice cream, meringue Swiss, freak shake, chocolate-flavored soft ice cream or something else delicious, Halvars Ice Cream is the place to go. If you want to get a taste of old Norrköping, Halvars is an obvious stop as soon as the sun shines.

hotell i Sundsvall


There are plenty of hotels and hostels in Norrköping. Here are our favorites.

Centric Hotel

Centric Hotel is located in central Norrköping and is within walking distance to Norrköping's travel center and city. Right next door there are beautiful walking paths in Strömsparken and along Motala Ström. The hotel offers you accommodation with a family atmosphere in a high standard. As a guest, Centric Hotel offers you central and pleasant accommodation at a cheap price, free parking and free Wi-Fi in the room.

Hotell Nordic

Hotell Nordic is a homely hotel with 62 hotel rooms that are fully equipped with safes and minibars. There are also 4 disabled-friendly rooms and a lot of family rooms with room for 4 or more for the large family. Here you can book your conference for seminars, fun events or rewarding meetings. Depending on your own wishes, coffee, sandwiches, fruit and coffee are served, and lunch can be eaten either in the conference room or in the hotel's Nordica restaurant. In the spa and relaxation area you will find a swimming pool, jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and cold pool.

First Hotel Central

First Hotel Cenral is located in the heart of Norrköping and is very close to the Östgötheatre, Louis de Geer Concert & Congress and good shopping opportunities. Make yourself at home in one of the 77 modern and comfortable rooms, eat a fantastically delicious breakfast and explore everything Norrköping has to offer. At the hotel, you can enjoy timeless classics made with ingredients from local farmers at the Stadsvakten restaurant. unwind a bit at the bar with draft beer or your favorite cocktail, work up a sweat in the gym or recharge your batteries at the rooftop wellness area. Enjoy the fantastic view of Norrköping while you relax in the sauna or sink into the jacuzzi.