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se och göra i karlskrona

See & do

What to see and do in Karlskrona? 


Visit Sweden's national museum for the history of the Swedish navy from the year 1522 until now. 
The exhibits at the marine museum tell you about ship brewing, the world heritage naval city of Karlskrona, Swedish naval defense for 500 years, ship models, the last decade of the Cold War, life on board and much more. Attend lectures, explore on your own or attend a screening. Take part and see the 110-year-old Swedish submarine history, and experience the beautiful Galjonshallen, which displays the world's finest collection of figureheads. Combine your museum visit with good food and award-winning ice cream at Bistro Skeppsgossen, where both indoors and outdoors you have a beautiful view of the museum ships and Stumholmen's historic surroundings. In the associated museum shop, you will find accessories, home furnishings, toys, nautical and military historical fiction for both young and old.


Young visitor (0-18 years) Free entry

Adult 100:-


With half an hour's drive from the center you will find the first Renaissance city in the Nordics, which is also one of the sunniest places in Sweden. Here there are restaurants, cafes and small shops. If you want to spend the night here, you can do so in the guest harbour, on the campsite, in cabins or in a room at a bed & breakfast. To experience Kristianopel in the best way, you should park the car somewhere, stroll around among the various small wooden houses where the roses grow in the gardens and feel the scents of roses and the sea. Sit down on one of the benches in the harbor and look out over the water where you can see the southern tip of Öland on the horizon. If you want to see the idyllic village a bit from above, you can walk around different parts of the village up on the very old and mighty ring wall.

Äta i ystad

Eat & drink

Tips on restaurants, bars, and cafés in Karlskrona

KAI Krog

KAI Krog, the restaurant where the Nordics meet Japan. The restaurant is in the best location in town with a very generous wooden deck only 2 meters from the sea. KAI's goal is for you as a guest to have a complete experience from your first step into the restaurant to what is served on the plate. The chefs at KAI create flavors with the whole of Asia as a source of inspiration, but mainly Japan, and they work to develop a Nordic/Japanese cuisine with primarily Scandinavian ingredients of the highest class.


The love for Italy and Karlskrona has shaped Antonio's, a place where people are inspired and meet. Here they serve food crafts, good drinks, Neapolitan pizza, fresh pasta and lots of other delicious dishes from the incredible, fragrant Italy. The restaurant is located right next to Borgmästarefjärden and has an idyllic view of the Karlskrona archipelago. With its location right in the center, it is within walking distance to Central Station, shopping, sights and Trossö's parking lots. It is also easy to get to the restaurant on foot or by bike thanks to the promenade's pedestrian and bicycle paths. The interior is inspired by Nordic and Italian design with color choices and materials that reflect the lakeside location. Its setting is suitable for all imaginable occasions, everything from nice places in the bar where you as a guest can get an overview of the open kitchen to large dinners. In order to enjoy as much as possible the fantastic view of the archipelago, the restaurant has framing panoramic windows and during the summer they have a large glazed outdoor terrace on the promenade. At Antonio's, they also offer ice cream from Gelato Factory Karlskrona.

hotell i Sundsvall


There are plenty of hotels and hostels in Karlskrona. Here are our favorites.

JA Hotel

JA Hotel is a comfortable and thoughtful hotel in the heart of Karlskrona. Here you can find everything from good food and drink at JA Bistro & Barn and Café 1344, close to shopping, lots of different restaurants and exciting landmarks such as the Concert Hall and Fredrikskyrkan. All rooms in the hotel have comfortable beds and pillows, completely renovated bathrooms, really fast Wifi and air conditioning. Their breakfast buffet is always well stocked and they have premises for meetings and conferences.

Nature by Andreas - Skärgårdstältet

Book accommodation in your very own archipelago paradise. Experience the amazing feeling of taking a dip in the sea, sitting around an open fire and watching the sun slowly set on the horizon. Feel the scents of fresh air, the sea and hear the birds chirping. The Archipelago tent is a very large and spacious tent with standing height that you can walk into. Here you don't have to crawl into a cramped and damp tent. But here you sleep royally on a thick mattress with really cozy duvets and pillows. You sit comfortably on comfortable chairs and if it gets chilly in the evening, you can wrap yourself in a blanket. If you choose to book this experience with Nature by Andreas, they prepare everything. You meet at an agreed place and you are led to your tent. After a short briefing by your guide, you will be left to enjoy the surroundings at your own pace. The locations that are selected are always based on the weather. In some cases it is a place where very few people move, sometimes a place of sunset and sometimes a place of sunrise. In some places you get the opportunity to swim from your own beach and in other places from a rocky outcrop. In the tent there is always a basic set of equipment.