Happy Camp - glamping with that extra touch

happiecamp glaming i sverige
Happie Camp is a glamping chain with different camps in the forests of Småland and Värmland with that little extra.

At carefully selected locations in the forests, various camps are set up to have minimal impact on nature. Beautifully situated by vast lakes or deep in the pine forests. Each camp has its own charm and is nicely decorated with quality products that give that extra touch to the campsite. All camps have fully equipped outdoor kitchens, and you can also choose the option of a food bag so you don't have to carry a lot of food, a very convenient choice. There is also a composting toilet in each camp that is emptied before each new guest, beautifully located towards the sunset. Happie Camp recommends a three-day stay for the forest to work its magic and for your body to slow down and find that tranquility that can only be found in the forest, where the only sounds are the wind and birds in the air.

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In a slope in the deep forest among large stones with thick moss and tall pines lies our camp. A short walk from the tent takes you to the lake where you can take refreshing dips. Early summer blooms the twinflower along the path, and later in the season, white water lilies bob in the ripples of the water. This is a new place, never presented before.