Anders Celsius - the man behind celsius

Anders Celsius av Olof Arenius.
When you look at the thermometer to see how hot or cold it is outside, or if the meat is done - then you see it in degrees Celsius (Unless you live in the US or Canada)..

Anders Celsius was a Swedish astronomer and physicist who is best known
for developing the Celsius temperature scale. Born on November 27, 1701,
in Uppsala, Sweden, Celsius came from a family of scientists. He studied
astronomy at Uppsala University and later became a professor of
astronomy there.

In 1742, Celsius proposed a temperature scale that was based on dividing
the interval between the boiling and freezing points of water into 100
parts. He originally set the boiling point of water at 0 degrees and the
freezing point at 100 degrees, which was later reversed by Carl Linnaeus
after Celsius' death to become the scale we know today.

Celsius also conducted important research on the northern lights and
proposed a connection between solar activity and the phenomenon. He was
a respected scientist in his time and made significant contributions to
the field of astronomy.

Anders Celsius passed away on April 25, 1744, but his temperature scale
continues to be used worldwide and bears his name in tribute to his
scientific legacy.


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